Overcoming Monday is a podcast hosted by Sharie King which provides you with little secrets for your big breakthrough. In each episode, you get to hear from writer, speaker, mom and pastor’s wife Sharie King, as she invites you into conversations with some of her favorite people who are talking about the issues that matter most to you. We hope these conversations will enhance your emotional and spiritual health by helping you understand yourself, the people you love, and the world around you. We want you to win where it matters most.

On this episode, Jess Hatton, pastor’s wife, mom of three, and Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, discusses her Top 3 Working Mom’s Advice. Jessica Hatton of Christian Mom Counseling offers professional counseling to moms in North Carolina via teletherapy. Schedule a 15 minute call with her today to see if you are a good candidate for virtual therapy sessions.

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