Life is not about balance, it is about priorities, of which Christ needs to be front and center.

As a working mom I know it is easy to stay busy. We fill our days with meetings, to-dos, appointments, phone calls, breakfasts, lunches, and dinners (and the many snacks in-between), and maybe try to fit in a little “me time”. Oh, then there is also the quality time that needs to be spent with our husbands. Not to mention the time and emotional energy it takes to build loving relationships with your children while at the same time making sure you’re providing structure and discipline. It’s not only overwhelming, it’s impossible to do it all well. Living a “well-balanced life” is pretty unattainable.

We often end up giving those we love our “leftovers”, the little emotional energy we have left over at the end of the day. Is this also how we live in relationship to the Lord? Do we consider the Lord to be one more person that we have to schedule in our day? One more thing we have to check off our to-do list? One extra person who needs something from us? Are we giving the Creator of Life our leftovers and making him an obligation?

We see in Malachi the Lord condemning the Levitical priesthood for their desecration of sacrifices. They had been giving him begrudging offerings instead of offerings of thankfulness and true worship. At some point they had forgotten their love for the Lord and for all He had done for them, they had settled for giving God their leftovers. God was not pleased with their blemished and defective offerings. He wanted their hearts and full devotion.

We need to change our outlook. The Lord is not to be seen as one more thing taking our time and energy rather he is to be seen as the One Creator and Sustainer of Life. He is the one that will provide the encouragement to go on and who will put everything else in perspective. Life is not about balance, it is about priorities, of which Christ needs to be front and center. If we allow the busyness of life to control us and our walk with the Lord then we will become susceptible to giving the Lord whatever we have left, instead of giving him our all.