John is one of my favorite books of the Bible. It is both relational and extremely intimate. What appeals to me about John’s writing is his ability to convey a personal relationship with a group of people in his writing. He is friendly, concerned about the well-being of the person he writes to, and it seems to be a regular correspondence. He uses language like “beloved”, “sister”, “brother”, and “friends”, even going so far as to tell the person receiving the letter to greet each person “by name” (verse 15).

Even though 2 and 3 John are very short letters they are packed full of examples of how Christians are to support fellow believers.

  • Loving one another flows out of walking in truth. John makes it clear that above all Christians are to show love to one another, but he also specified that it flows out the truth of the gospel. (2 John 6,9). If someone follows the teachings of Jesus the fruit of love will come.
  • We are to care for the health and well-being of others who walk in the truth. John prays for both the receiver’s spiritual health as well as their physical health. (3 John 2)
  • He also praises the church to whom he is writing for their support of traveling Christian missionaries. Not everyone has to be a traveling missionary to carry on the gospel of Jesus Christ but as believers we all have a role to play in the spread of the gospel; from sharing it where we are to supporting those who are called to missions abroad. (3 John 5-8)

Christians are always going to face opposition on this earth and it makes it all that more important that we support and encourage one another to strengthen and embolden the body of Christ. This Holiday season are there other believers that you are being called to serve?

Jesus, I thank you for the ministry of these women. I pray for their spiritual growth as well as their physical health. Let us as fellow believers be prayerful, encouraging, and supportive as we collectively work together to share the gospel in our homes and places of work. I ask that you would have us evaluate our time and finances if needed to help missionaries in the spread of your truth. Thank you for your love and sacrifice and let us always be imitators of you.