Did you know that when you are frightened by something the amygdala (a small almond shaped part of the brain found in each hemisphere) is automatically activated. It is responsible for your strong emotional response and sets in motion your body’s reaction to anxiety. Your amygdala can’t determine whether the fear is real or perceived. So here are some easy steps to calm you down allowing your brain time to respond in a more helpful manner.

Calming Tip #1

Get Comfortable: Sit in a comfortable position, make sure you are sitting up. Take a few deep breaths, making sure to breath in and out fully and deeply.

Calming Tip #2

Activate your 5 senses: Taste, Touch, Smell, Hearing, Seeing. What activities can you come up with to activate your senses? When your senses are stimulated it distracts your brain from the perceived danger.

Calming Tip #3

Breathe! I like to think about blowing bubbles. Deep breath in through your nose, and slowly and fully blow out through your mouth. If it’s helpful, hold your finger in front of your mouth to feel the strength and length of your breath. Repeat 5-7 times.